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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hard water?

When water is referred to as 'hard' this simply means that it contains more minerals than ordinary water. These are especially the inorganic (indigestible) minerals calcium and magnesium. The degree of hardness of the water increases when more calcium and magnesium dissolve.

2. How do I know if my resin is good and that my softener is working?

You will use less soaps, laundry detergent, and the time spent cleaning your home will be reduced. Your hair and skin will feel soft and not dry while your clothes, pipes in the homes and appliances will need fewer costly repairs and last longer. Foods and drinks such as coffees, juices, and teas will taste much better after your softener's resin has removed the dissolved rock from your water.

3. How much is a service call?

Service calls are Only $79.00. A service call will include the system adjustments and evaluation and many times this will resolve the issue. If it happens that your system will require a repair or upgrade, then you may use the $79.00 towards that service.

4. What does it mean when you say, "If I'm not happy, then I don't have to pay?"

Exactly what it says. We live in a rush, rush world where customer service has simply become a thing of the past. We strive to make your service experience one that you'll be happy to pay for and at no risk to you.

5. When does my softener's resin need replaced?

When the water does not feel as soft as when you first installed it. Depending on which resin your softener company used will determine how long it will last due to many contributing factors such as attrition, chlorine, iron, and oxidation to name just a few. Mere common sense states that a cheap priced water softener, will ALWAYS have the cheaper grade resins.

6. How much sodium will be added to my drinking and /or cooking water?

The amount of sodium added to the water is dependent upon the hardness of the water being softened. Example: If the water hardness is 20 grains per gallon, the softener will displace 150 milligrams of sodium to each quart of water. That is equivalent to eating one slice of white bread a day. Every system we design and sell is built with the option of using either Sodium or Potassium (salt-free) chloride.

7. Do all water softeners work the same, and if so, why are the prices so different?

The most often asked, and the most confusing question for many customers. NO, all water softeners DO NOT work the same, nor will they perform as long. Many water softeners look the same, and that makes it confusing when shopping for one. Buying a Water Softener is a situation where you "can" get what you pay for. I use the word "can" because if you buy from a company with a questionable reputation, then you may pay for the higher quality resins, controls, and equipment, but receive a poorly designed water softener after all. It's simple, buy quality from a company that has a proven reputation of standing behind their equipment.