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Test your tap water
Buy a home-testing kit. MOST DIY tests provide strips small vials that change color for easy-to-read results. Look for one that measures bacteria, nitrate, lead, and chlorine.

Tap water can contain more than 90 contaminants-some harmless, some downright scary. Find out whether you have cause for concern by testing with Silverlakeresearch’s Watersafe All-in-one Kit. It measures levels of bacteria, chlorine, lead, nitrates, and pesticides, all calibrated to EPA standards, and is easier than mailing water samples to a lab.

It's important to identify the contaminants in your water before buying treatment equipment, since it could mean the difference between paying around $30 for a filter pitcher that takes out just chlorine, copper, lead and mercury -- or up to $6,000 to treat water from a contaminated well.

Is tap water tasty or toxic? We ran two sources through a new, low-price home test kit, then double-checked with a professional lab to see if you can really chem-class your way to aquatic confidence in your own kitchen.

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